Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update for Thursday

At the present moment I still am not done with my first scene completely, but this is intentional. I am trying to make it a rule of thumb to just finish the overall project and go back to clean up some of the small rough spots. I am still going to try and get the quality down as I work but the clean up will come later. So far I am moderately on schedule with my original schedule but will update it minorly.

As far as the second scene goes, time has been spent experimenting to try and get my idea to work. For the second scene, the viewer will be given a broader scope of the space and the next sequence in the composition. There will be multiple little orbs that will start to link up. The look is to be akin to the neural system and the firing of synapses. It is to speak on how the creation of the universe is the same as that of the creation of man. Thus, speaking more on how each individual is a part of the universe on even the most microscopic level.

November 18-23: Second Act started on. Work a bit on getting aesthetics to work with the narrative.

November 23-25: Second Act done and Third Act begun.

November 25-30: Third act done and resolution begun. If ahead of schedule at this point, will go back and do revisions to make piece more polished.

November 30-December 3: Project complete

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