Monday, September 27, 2010

Midterm Development

Theme and Story

The theme that of my project is technology's negative affect on man. My story draws parallels with the philosophy of Primitivism, the belief that with technology came the loss of mankind's humanity. Though the ability to advance is one of our greatest strengths, it is also has the potential to being the key to our downfall. As with the Romans and the Babylonians, I want to tell the tale of man's great folly when given the gift progression.

The story start with a colossal vessel soaring hauntingly in the sky. The brilliance of this craft lies with its creators, a highly intelligent civilization that inhabits it. This was society of luxurious, peaceful beings that managed

to bring about incredible technological advancements. The flying craft happens upon a city populated by individuals of seemingly lesser intelligence than they. The beings become intrigued by what they see and desire to know more. So, they charge an adventurous individual known as the Traveler with the task of exploring the land of the Primitives. What he finds made a shocking impression on him. This is a society of great builders. But unlike the Traveler’s people, the primitives functions do not go beyond the necessity of survival. They are living in very harsh environments where the air is filthy and water is scarce. After seeing enough, he decides to make his way back to his home. He brings news to people about what he saw. Feeling sympathy for the primitives, the beings decide to share some of their technological secrets with the hard-lucked people. The Traveler makes his way back to the darken city and share with it people the means by which they can advance. Looking down from their great metropolis, the Traveler and his people observe as the primitive begin to make great strides of progression in their society. Everything was improving for the people. No longer did they have to suffer the conditions nature burdened them with. But as time goes on, the once primitive civilization start to exhibit radical changes in personality. More ambitious they became, more greedy and arrogant. Eventually they set their sights on the beings that gave them to key to advancement. Before the gentile beings in the sky know it, they are attacked by the once docile primitives. Angered by the destruction of their city, the beings strips away all power from the primitives. Every and all things that made up the primitives' utopian society were taken away forever.

Character Breakdowns

“They who touch the heavens”

  • Advanced civilization that is of supreme intellect
  • Origins are unknown
  • Are a tranquil and humble society of technologically advanced beings
  • Believe in the potential of all sentient life forms
  • Like to observe other life without interfering with the natural course of things

“The Traveler”

  • Is part of advanced civilization
  • Very intrigued by the unknown
  • Is a great inventor
  • Likes to explore existence beyond the boundaries of his home
  • Feels it is the purpose of his people to enlighten and aid in the progression of lesser life forms
  • Greatly enjoys the luxury of his home but likes to take part in culture of other civilizations

“The Primitives”

  • Lesser advanced society
  • Have great ingenuity
  • Are hard workers who struggle to survive
  • Is oblivious to what exists beyond them
  • More withdrawn socially
  • Are very docile, most likely due to their condition


Act I (setup)
The setting is introduced (highly advanced technological city in the sky).

The Traveler is seen looking down upon a ruined civilization. He has been charged with the task to explore this world by the council of his people.

He travels to the city. He finds a mass population that seems to be keeping themselves from extinction with backbreaking labor. The Traveler takes notice of the extremely poor conditions of the environment and reports back to his home. After giving the news of what he saw to the counsel, his is told to give the people some of the secrets to their technology.

Act II (confrontation)
After receiving the secrets to advance technology, the primitive civilization begin to progress. After a while, they are all living a more luxurious life. The primitives start to grow arrogance at their achievements and are no longer content with living in the shadow of the people in the sky. After building ships and weaponry, they stage an all-out war on the people in the sky.

The primitives cause great destruction to their would be saviors, in an attempt to overthrow them. Angered by the audacity of the primitive, the gentile beings take away the gift of their people. All the technology that helped the primitives flourish has been stripped away. The advance civilization in the sky turn their backs on the primitives and set course for a new destination


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Midterm Project

For my midterm, I decided to tell a story that revolves around my prevailing interests in the class so far. Most of my research dealt with much of sci-fi and mythological lore. I have always been a huge fan of both genres of fantasy and aim to create a story that involves and/or is inspired by classical mythology and science fiction films. The story revolves around the hero who is loosely based off of Hermes. Hermes was known as the fleet-footed and mischievous god of Greek mythology. Mostly seen as a messenger, Hermes was given the ability to travel places freely that would be otherwise problematic or fatal to anyone else. The main character is seen in the middle of an invasion. As the invading fleet makes its way through the city, the hero takes it upon himself to protect his people by attempting to defeat them using deceit.
For the look of my animation, I want it to have an art deco feel. Much of the sci-fi elements are going to be reminiscent of old 30's and 40's science fiction movies. The story itself should not be no more than 3 minutes as the story would already taking place near the climax. Also, I think that most of what I am trying to achieve will be done majorly on the 2d place as done in my exercised throughout the semester.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My proposal for the semester is to create a fast-paced narrative. The concept that I thought of dealt with the character that I had built earlier in the year. This character will find himself in the middle of a war in which he has to try and put an end to. Though his purpose in the war is liable to change, the main aspect of his character is to show the viewer the intensity of battle from his perspective. My idea was inspired by greek mythology's own god, Hermes. His character was one of harmless, mischief and great speed. I was always interested in combining sci fi with mythology in some form or fashion. So, my concept this semester is going to serve as possibly a small introduction to a bigger story

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Research Package Word List

My idea is connected to the last assignment in which my character tries to complete his mission amidst chaos.

Words that deal with my topic:
1. chaotic
2. anarchic
3. pandemonium
4. disarray
5. disorderly
6. wild
7. frenzy
8. hectic
9. hyperactive
10. manic
11. amped
12. turbulent
13. intense
14. energetic
15. fierce
16. severe
17. vigorous
18. overpowering
19. spirited
20. eager
21. zealous
22. acute
23. dynamic
24. aggressive
25. high-octane
26. bold
27. powerful
28. determined
29. audacious
30. combative
31. violent
32. blunt
33. sturdy
34. blinding
35. fury
36. rage
37. rampage
38. vertigo
39. blistering
40. supersonic


1. slow
2. order
3. half-hearted
4. timid
5. apathetic
6. lifeless
7. meek
8. peaceful
9. submissive
10. diffident
11. mild
12. dispassionate
13. unemotional
14. uninvolved
15. subtle
16. serene
17. humane
18. lenient
19. restful
20. undemanding
21. lethargic
22. listless
23. fatigued
24. weary
25. tired
26. sluggish
27. weak
28. powerless
29. feeble
30. inadequate
31. inept
32. tame
33. craven
34. appeasing
35. pacifying
36. peacemaking
37. quiet
38. puny
39. calm
40. tranquil

Monday, September 6, 2010

Project 2 Write up

Starting this project, I had an idea that would involve the viewer as an individual witnessing the birth of land and eventually traveling through it. Each object in the piece was to have a different texture to give it a multimedia aesthetic. Given that the animation takes place at sea, I was immediately met with an unforseen challenge. In order for my original idea to work I would have to move everything along the z axis. Also, to convincingly have material move through water was beginning to become daunting.
At any rate, I just tweaked my idea a bit. Going back to the drawing board for minor adjustments, I decided to have the viewer witness an eruption. This proved to be much easier and maybe even better than what I had original planned.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project 1 Plot outline

I am still interested in the idea of a solo journey. What I thought I would do for this assignment is have an individual (in first person perspective) sailing in the vast ocean an finds him or herself swept up in an inescapable current that takes the individual to a place unlike any other.