Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Typography Update

The original idea that I had for the typography project turned out to be pretty impossible given my skill limitation and the fact that what I had envisioned required completely different software. My new idea deals with my characters of Fontland. I am still trying to decide where the story goes beyond the introduction of the hero of the piece and his love. The are so many places I want to take the characters. One scenario is of the hero's girlfriend being stolen away by the fontmonster, a despicable character that spews out fiery breaths of hated fonts. So far, my approach is simple and I am liking the results as I progress. What I am trying to primarily accomplish is to give personality to extremely simplistic characters since I usually go about creating complex pieces. Hopefully I get this done with great success.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Typogyaphy Project Idea

The idea of my next project is relatively simple in conception. I want to do something more abstracted with my next project. My idea consists starts with texts falling in a black void. The text would resemble water droplets as they create ripples in the void, which are made up of glowing letters. These glowing letters will begin to cluster and rise, eventually exploding. This idea may require me to use the 3d tool in after effects. So depending on the level of difficulty this project may present, it may be subject to change.

Video Examples
I have been hit with the realization that the lot of typography work that I have seen so far is very literal/commercial and have very little to do with my idea. But I did find this one. Here, it shows what I want to do with camera work. This is what the 3d tool may come in.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Midterm Afterthought

Well, I am going to be honest. I did not enjoy this project at all. I was once excited about bringing this vision I had to fruition, and putting it in my portfolio as a piece that I was proud of. Unfortunately as time went on, I began to lose all passion for it. Not only did I have to make massive compromises to my story but I had to rush it just to meet an extremely short deadline. I have no problem at all with compromises but I have a MAJOR problem with doing rush jobs. I guess part of the blame falls on me for thinking that I would have time to do a full length narrative. Had I known that I was on such limited time then I would not have invested all that I did into this particular story. I have no desire at all to revisit this project but I will try to press on to get a decent grade, finished or not. All I can do with this midterm project is take it as a lesson learned and try not a make a project that cannot be finished and of desired quality.