Saturday, December 11, 2010

Artist Lecture RoundUP

David Clemons

I was really disheartened by the fact that I missed this lecture when he came. This was amplified when watching the video in the library as it was one of the few lectures that I actually enjoyed. Being a huge fan of metalsculpture, I found it refreshing to see a different medium being spoken about. I was especially interested in his experiences as a black artist and what it took to be viewed by his work. This is I feel what made many of his pieces very good to look at since they are metaphorical - so to speak - of the dictation one's social influence toward the interpretation of his work can cause.

Shawn Sheeny

I feel that this lecture was decent. I was excited for for given the complexity of the pop up art displayed on the posters advertising his lectures. When I got there I found it pretty lackluster. This could be due in part to the fact that the majority of the lecture was spent on the history of books, which was educational but very hard to sit through since it was so slow. Now what I can say about the artwork that was shown was that I can completely appreciate the time it takes to make a pop up book. Something that is perceived as such a simple construct takes years and years of meticulous planning and hard work. This was amazing given that his book took him almost a decade to make and distribute all by himself.

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